Successful completion of the FIT4MOM Foundations Course is the first step in becoming a FIT4MOM Instructor. The FIT4MOM Foundations Course provides the tools to connect deeper with every mom by breaking down the science behind training the female​ ​mind​ ​and​ ​body​, the Ripple​ ​Effect​ (FIT4MOM’s Secret Sauce) and the Show-Tell-Do​ ​cueing strategy (proprietary to FIT4MOM), as well as a deep dive into pre and postnatal fitness education.

This course provides the Foundation for your work at FIT4MOM and applies to every class format. Upon successful completion, you will be equipped with the knowledge to lead a quality class that meets the fitness needs of the modern mama.

And the beauty of having it online? You can learn at your own pace, go back and command the information when you need a refresh, and you have the information as a reference guide ... forever!