All FIT4MOM instructors are required to be affiliated with a FIT4MOM Franchise before becoming certified in FIT4MOM Programs. 

Interested in becoming a FIT4MOM instructor? Let us help you get started.

All FIT4MOM classes must be taught by instructors authorized by FIT4MOM. Authorization is obtained through the FIT4MOM Education System which is detailed below. All information needed to conduct a safe and effective class is provided via our online courses and enhanced through our continuing education opportunities.


Successful completion of the FIT4MOM Foundations Course is the first step in becoming a FIT4MOM Instructor. The FIT4MOM Foundations Course provides the tools to connect deeper with every mom by breaking down the science behind training the female​ ​mind​ ​and​ ​body​, the Ripple​ ​Effect​ (FIT4MOM’s Secret Sauce) and the Show-Tell-Do​ ​cueing strategy (proprietary to FIT4MOM), as well as a deep dive into pre and postnatal fitness education....


Choosing and successfully completing a FIT4MOM Format Certification is Step 2. Each FIT4MOM Format Certification builds on the Foundations Course by diving deeply into the what, why, and how of the specific program you wish to teach. Included in each individual format certification is an overview of the program (who it’s for and the approach we take), a class construct with detailed explanation of the individual parts of class (how to create...


Finally, Step 3 is obtaining and maintaining your FIT4MOM Membership. Membership is included with your initial FIT4MOM Format Certification investment. Each year, to remain current, you will be assessed a $25 per year (per format) Membership Renewal Fee. Your FIT4MOM Membership provides access to all online course content in Foundations and corresponding Format Certification, including relevant updates, resources to assist in class design and...


All FIT4MOM education is intended for Franchisees or Instructors of Franchisees.