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We invite all team members — whether you own the business, manage social media, help with leads, or work the front lines as an instructor for any (or all!) of the FIT4MOM programs — to invest in our newly designed 2019 Summits.

In our 12+ hours together, we will dive deep into business, fitness, and programming to enhance all aspects of your FIT4MOM business. Interactive sessions designed to hone your craft, create connections, and elevate our teaching will help you grow your business in 2019! We will be #oneteam, in one room, with #onemission -- to help 1,000,000 moms find us, 400,000 moms choose us, and all stay with us!

Sacramento, CA | April 6 -7th

Atlanta, GA | April 27-28th

Chicago, IL | May 4 - 5th

Las Vegas, NV | May 18-19

DC Area | September 28 - 29th

Seattle, WA | October 5 - 6th

Austin, TX | October 12 - 13th

Orange County, CA | November 9 -10th