What steps are required to become a FIT4MOM Instructor?

A potential instructor must first be sponsored by an existing FIT4MOM franchisee who intends to bring her on as a team member. Once confirmed and sponsored by a local franchisee, a potential instructor will gain access to FIT4MOM’s online training portal and be required to complete and pass the FIT4MOM Foundations online course, followed by the format certification for the program she intends to teach: Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, FIT4BABY, Body Boost, Body Well, Body Ignite, Run Club+ or Strides 360.

Following completion of an online format certification, her local franchisee may require a period of team-teaching, during which time a new instructor can get hands-on experience by practicing her skills with an existing instructor at an established class location.

Additionally, a new instructor will be required to maintain her FIT4MOM membership in each of the formats she is certified to instruct. Memberships are renewed annually.

How much does it cost to become a FIT4MOM Instructor?

The FIT4MOM Foundations Course costs $149. Format certifications range from $149-$229. Instructors are assessed a $25/year membership fee each subsequent year she teaches. This fee is assessed per format.

A potential instructor may incur additional costs related to any team-teaching training protocol her Franchisee has in place. For example, a potential instructor may be required to maintain a FIT4MOM class membership for the duration of her hands-on team teaching. This should be discussed with the Franchisee sponsoring the potential instructor.

How much are instructors paid?

Instructor compensation is determined independently by the franchisee. Compensation should be discussed with the franchisee sponsoring the potential instructor.

How many classes can I expect to teach weekly?

Class schedules are determined independently by the franchisee. New instructors should inquire prior to purchase and completion of her online format certification.

Can I use my FIT4MOM certifications outside of FIT4MOM?

FIT4MOM education and programming is proprietary. The certifications you complete are meant to prepare you to teach at a FIT4MOM franchise. While the experience you gain teaching for FIT4MOM is transferable, the proprietary content is not.

Do you offer continuing education?

FIT4MOM offers formal and informal continuing education in the form of annual fitness conferences, on-site training days at various locations nationwide, free online courses, and internal, format-specific educational resources and materials.

Am I required to complete CECs to maintain Instructor status?

FIT4MOM highly encourages and supports ongoing continuing education. CEC requirements are determined independently at the franchise level. Please discuss directly with your franchisee.

Do I need to be a mom to be a FIT4MOM instructor?

You do not have to be a mom or have children present to teach FIT4MOM classes.

Can my kids come with me when I teach?

Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and Strides 360 classes are stroller-friendly but it is possible to teach class without children. Body Boost, Body Ignite, and FIT4BABY classes are kid-free, so children are not allowed to be present during class.

Do I need to be certified as an Instructor to lead My Village Playgroups or Moms’ Night Outs?

Our Village Playgroups and MNOs do not require a FIT4MOM certification, but are typically not paid positions. Members who are interested in serving as playgroup/social captains should discuss the opportunity with their local franchisee.

There's no FIT4MOM franchise near me, but i want to teach ... what do I do?

We’d love to welcome you to the FIT4MOM franchisee family! Find more information here and connect with a franchise coach to determine if owning a franchise is the right fit for you!